Unity Zohar

How does it work

"בספרא דא יפקון מן גלותא ברחמי”
”With this book (The Zohar) they will go out of exile with mercy”

The entire text of the Zohar was inserted into a database organized by paragraphs. The first reader on the site gets the first two paragraphs from the database. All the following requests from anywhere in the world, will get the next two paragraphs from the Zohar, and so on.

The thread that connects all readers can run around the world many times until the scanning of the Zohar is completed. When the last paragraph is read then we increment the reading cycle counter by one and the process starts over again.

The more participants, the faster the Zohar is completed. Every participant in the reading cycle has the merit, like they complete the reading by themselves for each cycle they participate.

Please share this project with your friends to bring the light of the Zohar to shine all over the world. Be one soul with all the souls that seek and wish the light of the creator to shine over the entire world. At the opening of the Idra Rabah, which is the Greater Assembly, Rabbi Shimon sat with the friends in a circle. They held hands and Rabbi Shimon said ”It’s all depending on the love among us”. With every completion of Zohar scanning cycle we increase the light in the world and help fulfill the prophecy of the Zohar ”בספרא דא יפקון מן גלותא ברחמי” ”With this book (The Zohar) they will go out of exile with mercy”. Exile is the state of distance from the light that we are experiencing now. The chaos in the world is the result of lack of light. Let us spread the light unconditionally everywhere we can reach. 

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